1982 and all that theology

(A reflection, not a sermon – yet!) I learned yesterday of the death of an acquaintance. It’s when your contemporaries begin to pass away that mortality comes home to roost. Perhaps one day there will be a “Listener” cover that won’t attempt to shock and stun with the latest news of Things That Will Kill […]

“Jesus happened to me”

John 6:48-52 Waiapu Cathedral, 12 August 2018   It’s hard to believe that this weekend marks a whole year since the “Unite the Right” Charlottesville riots in which a young woman was mown down and killed in a terrorist act and the infamous dictum “Good people on both sides” was uttered. Rather than being reconciled, […]

What is a peacemaker?

Waiapu Cathedral, Peace Sunday, 5 August 2018   Sometimes a few words, a mere expression can set off a whole train of thought and pondering. So I’m grateful to those who set up our commemorative Peace Day materials, not just for the opportunity to understand better some of the Cathedral’s history in relation to the […]

Cuts from stained glass

Waiapu Cathedral, 29 June 2018 Ephesians 3:16-19, John 6:13 Bishop Andrew and I travelled to Whangarei last weekend for the ordination of Chris Swannell to the priesthood, something which his church community in Russell had been seeking for all the years since he was ordained deacon. Because he had been told for so long that […]

Bear with!

Anglicans Together in Ahuriri, Sunday 15 July I missed a really good opportunity in preaching at the Cathedral last Sunday.  I mentioned a dictum of St. Catherine of Siena: “Become who God intended you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” I think that work of becoming (which is the focus for […]

No skiting!

Waiapu Cathedral, Pledge Sunday, 8 July 2018   It occurs to me that you don’t really hear the verb “to skite” much any more. One dictionary suggests that this word, meaning “to boast” if you’re not from round here is known only in the Antipodes and Ireland. Just for the record, in Scotland “to skite” […]

Towards becoming fully human

Napier Cathedral, Easter 3, 15 April 2018 Some songs take hold of your heart and remain resident, popping into your mind from time to time like the memory of an old friend. One of those, for me, is the Song of Bernadette by Jennifer Warnes and Leonard Cohen.   There was a child named Bernadette […]