This is the land of the living

Waiapu Cathedral, Easter 2019   Lucy Kaplansky [1] is a New Yorker, a Clinical Psychologist and folksinger, and she penned this haunting ballad about the aftermath of 9/11. “Late afternoon back in New York town Waking up as the wheels touch down Pick up my guitar and walk away Wish I was going home to […]

Mary, far from neutrality

5th Sunday in Lent: John12:1-8 Waiapu Cathedral, Napier, 7 April 2019   It has gradually been settling within me that there is no neutrality any more. Neutrality is a luxury item. For example, with the broadcasting of the Muslim call to prayer before the two minute silence we observed, Brian Tamaki said “This is Offensive […]

Repentance in Aotearoa

Waiapu Cathedral, Lent 3: Luke 13:1-9 There was a vox-pop on the TV a couple of days ago where people were responding to the announcement of expected changes to NZ’s gun laws. Embarrassingly I found myself on the same page as the woman who said “I honestly didn’t know you could buy those sorts of […]

Take the shame

Lent 1, 2019, Waiapu Cathedral Shrove Tuesday afternoon found me round the back of the Cathedral with an ancient barbie and a bottle of meths – not for a dodgy picnic but prepared to ignite a conflagration of old palm crosses to provide ashes for the next day’s observances. As the flames roared upwards – […]

“Sublime Impossibility”

Waiapu Cathedral, 17 February 2019 An email correspondent found last week’s sermon interesting, but depressing. My sincere response was, and is, if you didn’t find it depressing, you’re probably not paying attention. It’s a bit like the Nelson fires. I read this week that while climate change can’t be directly blamed for the fires, conditions […]

Apocalypse Now

   Waiapu Cathedral, 18 November 2018: Mark 13:1-8   On my Youtube radar this week was a pointedly humorous but also heartbreaking send-up called G.O.P. Jesus with a cartoon graphic of Jesus riding the Republican Party elephant. GOP Jesus has some alternative facts for his followers: “Truly I say unto you, whoever welcomes one of […]

Isaiah Down Under

10 February 2019, Waiapu Cathedral I found this brilliant old postcard somewhere in my former office here in the Cathedral when I was Ministry Educator, and I read it again when I need a bit of cheering up. I’d say it’s probably as old as I am. It was produced in Waiapu and presumably mailed […]

Feeble as?

Waiapu Cathedral, Candlemas 2019 Returning to consciousness during my recovery from the demands of Christmas I was browsing one of those “Year in review” pieces which are a staple of magazines around that time. One observation and comment has stayed with me. Normally religion doesn’t get a look-in now, unless it is about some sexual […]